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Below are excerpts from articles by two of the supporters, go to the links and research the websites.

ACLU of Ohio   Laws Restricting Teenagers’ Access to Abortion | American Civil Liberties Union (aclu.org)

Below is from the National ACLU website.

Mandating Parental Involvement Jeopardizes Teenagers’ Health

Teens already are more likely than older women to have later abortions, and restricting teens’ access to abortion only causes further delays. For example, following enactment of Missouri’s parental consent law, the proportion of second-trimester abortions among minors increased by 17%. (AGI calculations based on data from Vicky Howell Pierson, “Missouri’s Parental Consent Law and Teen Pregnancy Outcomes,” 22 Women and Health 47, 53 (1995).) While abortion is safer than childbirth, later abortions entail more medical risks and are more difficult to obtain because they are more expensive and fewer doctors perform them.

In addition, because mandating parental involvement in a teen’s abortion decision can prevent teens from getting the abortions they want, it can lead to teens suffering the physical, emotional, educational, economic, and social costs of teenage childbearing.

The Leading Medical Groups Oppose Mandating Parental Involvement

Because these laws put teens’ health and safety at risk and do not create better families, all of the major medical organizations, including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Society for Adolescent Medicine, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American Public Health Association, oppose laws mandating parental involvement in minors’ abortion decisions.

These Laws Unfairly Single Out Those Pregnant Teens Who Choose Abortion

The risks of delayed and denied health care far outweigh the costs of permitting teens to consent on their own to abortion services. Every state in the nation has recognized this fact when it comes to teens who choose to continue their pregnancies and have children. For example, no state requires a young woman to obtain parental consent for prenatal care and delivery services; no state requires parents to be notified of their daughter’s positive pregnancy test; all but five states allow a minor to place her child for adoption without parental involvement; and all states allow adolescents to consent to treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. It is only if the teen chooses to have an abortion that states seek to require parental involvement. If teenagers can consent on their own to services related to childbirth — and even to delivery by cesarean section, a far more dangerous procedure than abortion — there can be no health-related reason for denying them the right to consent on their own to abortion. (Heather Boonstra and Elizabeth Nash, “Minors and the Right to Consent to Health Care” 3 The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy 4, 6-7 (Aug. 2000).)

Abortion Fund of Ohio  https://www.abortionfundofohio.org/

New Voices for Reproductive Justice  About Us | New Voices (newvoicesrj.org)

Ohio Women’s Alliance   Vote — Ohio Women’s Alliance (ohiowomensalliance.org)

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio (plannedparenthoodaction.org)

Preterm-Cleveland  Preterm Cleveland, Ohio | Abortion Clinic Cleveland, OH

Pro-Choice Ohio  2023 August CPC Report – Pro-Choice Ohio (prochoiceohio.org)

URGE. Real Abortion Access – URGEJoin the Movement


Almost as soon as abortion became legal nationwide, the coordinated campaign to roll-back that right began. In 1977, poor women were the first to be targeted and have their rights targeted. Since then, young people, low-income women, those serving in the military, and indigenous women are among the many people, domestically and globally, who have been systematically denied access to abortion because of anti-choice U.S. policies.

You may have guessed that URGE activists don’t just sit back while abortion access is stripped away. We work – often in the states with the most persistent challenges – to fight like hell against the threats to abortion access. We also push our uncompromising vision to expand access, including repealing forced parental involvement laws and restoring insurance coverage of abortion for all people.

Our chapters also work outside the legislative process to expand access in their communities, by helping to protect clinic safety and raising money for abortion funds. The right to choose an abortion – and the ability to access one – is deeply connected to many other issues. We believe that to achieve true choice, we must work eradicate the barriers that impact a person’s ability to choose.

Whether a person decides to become a parent, choose adoption, or have an abortion we all deserve to access the support and healthcare we need and build the families we want. URGE stands for the rights of all people to make those decisions for themselves free from stigma and shame.